The Art of Slow-Looking in the classroom

junio 17th, 2023 María Barberis The cross-disciplinary learning benefits of paying close attention by Emily Boudreau Read on to find out How «Slow Looking» Can Support Students Slow-looking helps students navigate complex systems and build connections Slow-looking fuels empathy and self-awareness Students can build off the ideas of others and think together Students learn to describe in detail

12 Benefits of Slow Looking by Claire Brown

junio 17th, 2023 María Barberis Slow – looking is simply the art of learning through observation. Listen to Claire Brown as she details each of the benefits of Slow-Looking. Worth the time spent!

Aprendizaje Visible: Flacso

junio 5th, 2023 María Barberis Seminario Virtual

CHATGPT: un nuevo desafio

junio 1st, 2023 María Barberis Hoy más que nunca debemos estar al tanto de lo que la IA puede hacer. Nuestros alumnos necesitan de una clara guía para aprender a utilizarla responsablemente. Aquí una guía con ideas para utilizarla correctamente.

More on Slow Looking

mayo 16th, 2023 María Barberis How to Look at Art Slowly by Claire Brown from the thinking Museum

More on Slow Looking

mayo 16th, 2023 María Barberis Today I am sharing a great guide: A Slow Art Guide by Clarie Brown from the Thinking Museum.

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mayo 16th, 2023 María Barberis FRAMING LIFE IN POST ITS

Slow Looking – Guía Práctica

mayo 15th, 2023 María Barberis Hoy voy a compartirles una guía práctica para comenzar a utilizar prácticas de Slow Looking en nuestras aulas. (autora Milagros Palacios)

Teaching Critical Thinking through Art with the National Gallery of Art

mayo 15th, 2023 María Barberis Visit this site and enroll in this course it is FREE and absolutely great!! Here’s the link: Critical Thinking Can Be Practiced Artful Thinking researchers have also found that specific ways of thinking can be practiced, cultivated, and strengthened in students through the use of «thinking routines.» Artful Thinking Routines are: Short, easy-to-learn strategies. Sets of a few
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